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Pee, Poo, Wastewater as Nutrient Water: Nik Bertulis Interview

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How to restore the water cycle, and how that helps with hydrating the earth and soil, replenishing groundwater, restore rains in drought areas, lessen flooding, and slow down climate change.
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Nik Bertulis is a permaculture water educator, a designer of integrated water systems, implementing greywater, rainwater, stormwater and wetland systems. He cofounded a water conservation systems cooperative. He has designed many innovative water solutions for our environment.

We talk about the importance of closing the nutrient cycles in our environment. What our society considers waste, our pee, our poo, our sewage, can be useful nutrients for the vegetation and soil. The distribution of pee and poo of animals moving around support the functioning of our ecosystems. Nik discusses how we can clean our sewage with nature’s natural biology and wetlands rather than with synthetic chemicals.


Nik Bertulis and I will be teaching a “Climate Permaculture” class on Sept 17th 11am-1pm, 2022 . Permaculture is an approach to land management by harmonizing with nature’s ecosystem. Climate permaculture is an approach to climate by harmonizing with nature’s natural connections and cycles between land and atmosphere. For more info :


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